Scraddle.com is the best Scrabble and Words With Friends Helper site on the net. Put simply, we know there are lots of other sites out there with Scrabble dictionaries, Words With Friends dictionaries, Scrabble word builders and Words With Friends word builders, but there are none that are faster or more accurate. We challenge you to compare our results versus other sites. You will find Scraddle.com features more valid results and faster search times.

Not only that, we have incorporated the best of the best in our advanced Word Builder search. You can perform simple searches, using only your Rack letters, but you can also use our Prefix and Suffix searches to play off existing words on the board. Additionally, you can use our Anywhere search to play off both sides of a word. You won’t find this functionality on too many other sites.

We also provide Word Builder results in sortable columns by Name, Word Length, Word Score and Definition.
Simply click on the header of any column and the results list will re-sort.

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